What Layouts Work on Sunrooms?

Sunrooms are popular for offering comfortable spaces for everyone in your home. But as you look for a sunroom, you have to be aware of how everything is designed.

  • Square or Rectangular Layout- Start by looking at how well a square or rectangular look can be added to your sunroom. This is a traditional style that fits well outside most properties. An arched roof may be included on this layout to add a natural appearance.
  • Wood Roof Style- Although most sunrooms are made with clear glass roofs, you can find a wooden roof to be suitable as well. A wood roof surface adds a space with shingles or tiles that match up with the rest of the roof on your home. The wood top will work along the entire room but will allow for all-glass walls with supports on them to keep the roof upright.


  • Four-Season Style- A four-season room is a room designed with a layout that is suitable for use throughout the entire year. This may come with glass surrounding every part of the walls and roof. A model with blinds or shades would be ideal for the brightest conditions of the year.
  • Porch-Style- A sunroom can link to your outside porch. A porch-style room will include a wooden floor that continues out onto a porch space. The walls around the new room should be insulated well while linking up to any gaps in your floor without extra openings.

You must look at how well sunrooms for your home can be produced when getting them ready. Visit us at Dutch Quality Contracting to see what you can utilize when planning one of these spaces.