What Surfaces Can Go Around Custom Fireplaces in Your Home?

Custom FireplacesCustom fireplaces are popular for being versatile in their designs. You can find fireplaces that come with many surfaces that surround their bases and walls. A unique custom fireplace will come with one of many setups worth using.

  • Stone- You can find custom fireplaces that come with various stones all around. These stones can be laid out with a natural look all the way through or with some cut surfaces to make them look like they are stacked on a series of rows. Most stones are made with composite materials, but you might find some natural choices, too.
  • Brick- A brick design can also be used around your fireplace. Brick is popular for having a natural appearance and can be smoothed out to create a comfortable space.
  • Wood- A wood surrounding can be used on your custom fireplace to add a natural look. Any kind of paint colour can be added onto the wood, provided it is treated and sealed.
  • Metal- Metal adds a dynamic look that can be bright or dark. The most common metal for custom fireplaces is traditional stainless steel, but aluminum can also work well for how it takes in heat and prevents warping. The key is to find a metal that will last for years and can handle the heat coming out of the fireplace.

Be aware of what you can get when finding custom fireplaces you are bound to love having in your home. Check with us at Dutch Quality Contracting to see how such a fireplace can be placed in your home and how a custom surface can be added.