A Deck Builder Will Help You with Many Types of Wood Surfaces

The wood you use on your outdoor deck should be strong enough to handle the weight of any outdoor appliances or furniture pieces you add onto it, as well as the people on the surface. There are many great wood surfaces a deck builder can help you with planning out.

  • Pressure-Treated Lumber- A pressure-treated lumber surface may work for your deck. Compounds like copper azole or alkaline copper are added onto lumber to create a smooth finish while preventing rot from developing. The wood will last for a while, but it does need to be power washed every year to keep it looking great.
  • Tropical Woods- Wood surfaces that come from tropical sources are ideal for humid spaces. Tigerwood, red tauari and other tropical hardwood surfaces are very hard and will resist rot and insects. Fasteners to keep wood pieces together might be required though, as these woods are very thick and difficult to cut through.

Deck Builder

  • Redwood- A redwood surface adds a dark tone to your deck. A deck builder will use this surface on properties where wood-boring pests may be found. The oils inside redwood surfaces will naturally resist those pests.
  • Cedar- Cedar wood is also great for deck building, as it can be found in light and dark tones. The surface also features natural oils to keep pests out of the way.

The wood choices you have for an outdoor wooden deck are diverse. Contact us at Dutch Quality Contracting if you need a deck builder who will support your needs for planning the best desk for your home.