How Well Can Carports Be Built Outside Garages?

Sometimes you might need more than just a traditional garage for protecting your vehicles. You can build a carport outside of your garage. But while these simple spaces look appealing, there are several vital things that must be found in carports as you get them ready.

  • How Tall Is the Space? Carports are often made to be at least seven feet in height. This should be enough to support a typical vehicle.
  • How Wide Is It? A single-car port should be at least 12 feet wide and 18 feet long. The size is enough to add coverage and space for the entire vehicle and anyone who gets in or out of it. A double carport would have to be at least 20 feet wide. Check on the sizes of your vehicles to see if they can handle such a size constraint.


  • Review the Roof. The roof on the carport should be steep enough to let rain and snow slide off of it and to prevent ice from being likely to develop. The roof must also be wide enough to keep that precipitation from splashing enough to where it hits the vehicle underneath.
  • What Material Works? Your port should come with a steel body that resists heat and creates a good shade. Aluminum is ideal for reflecting heat without making the area hot, for instance. The steel poles should also be paired with a sturdy base that might include concrete or cement to keep the poles in their place.

Quality carports add a good look to a property while also keeping your vehicles secure. Look at what our team at Dutch Quality Contracting offers as you look for a carport for your space.