One of the most important things you can do when you are building a home or adding a new addition is to interview your prospective home builders. While you may have your list of questions prepared, you should also be ready for your prospective home builders to ask you some questions in return. After all, transparency is key when you have specific goals for your new living space!

  1. What’s Your Timeline? You may have already asked your home builder how quickly they can get to work and how long you think it will take them to do the job. Managing expectations is part of any home building project. Did your home builder ask the same thing of you? What is your timeline? You most likely don’t want your project to draw out for years, so set some boundaries and know that there may need to be some wiggle room if something unexpected comes up, like inclement weather.
  2. How Can I Help You Achieve Your Goals? The general contractor at your home site is your number one resource when it comes to making sure your home building project is a success. Not only do they manage the teams of people working on your home, but they also help you more easily navigate the process as your home construction takes place. Having a home builder who asks about the ways they can help you achieve your goals serves two purposes: you can express your interests and desires, and they will know who to call to make it happen.
  3. Is There Anything Unique About Your Project? Many homeowners don’t know that they have special requests until they get part or all of the way through the home building process. If your home builder asks you what parts of your project are unique, it can give you some room to mention the things you can think of right away and be clear about the things that arise through the course of your building project.

At Dutch Quality Contracting, we know that the home building process is exciting. We also believe in complete transparency, so everyone ends up with a successful build. Contact us today to learn more about our services and to schedule an estimate for your new home build.